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Simplify with integrated tax and investment advice

Resolve tax complexity with a CPA that works side-by-side with your wealth manager, keeping your financial plan at the center of investment and tax strategy.  

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EVERGREEN | Sterling Kuder

Founded in 1985, Sterling Kuder brings over 35 years of tax experience to the Evergreen Wealth Management team and expands our Eastside presence to include an additional location on Mercer Island. Evergreen Sterling Kuder is where investment advisory and tax planning converge to help clients accomplish more with their wealth manager and CPA. Our focus is on combining your tax and investment strategies into one, with your financial plan at the center. We aim to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to reducing our clients' tax liability.



Corporate, Individual & Estate Planning
Federal & State Return Preparation
Business & Entity Returns



Formation & Liquidation
Business Planning & Budget Analysis
Preparation, Audit, Compilation & Review of Financial Statements


Accounting System Automation
Software Consultation

Tax & business service capabilities


Why combine tax, investments

& financial planning

To seamlessly integrate your investment portfolio and financial plan with maximum tax-efficiency requires a team with expertise in each of those areas. We believe this integration is best achieved when your CPA, CFP®, and Wealth Consultant are working under one roof.


We remove the need for clients to have to serve as the middle man between investment manager and CPA. Evergreen clients can spend more time focusing on their work and families and less time facilitating meetings and communication when they utilize the all-in-one investment and tax service we provide.

About Evergreen Gavekal

Evergreen Gavekal is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA*) serving high-net-worth individuals, families, and endowments. Since 1983, one key directive has guided how we operate: the unwavering commitment to our clients and their investments. Our strategic array of financial services provides a wide spectrum of investment solutions to tackle today’s increasingly complex global markets. We are committed to establishing and maintaining relationships where clients view us not simply as investment professionals, but also as their trusted partners. Our entire team is working toward the same goal: a secure financial future for our clients. At Evergreen, we believe superior communication is at the foundation of success for an investor. While each of our client’s pursuits is unique, Evergreen puts their interests above all else.

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